Studio One:


Avid S6 Desk


Genelec 1031A x2
Genelec 7070 Subwoofer
XMON monitoring system
Furman HR-6 headphone system


TLA Ivory 2 5001 Quad Valve Preamp
Joe Meek Twin Qs
Drawner 1960 Tube Compressor
Focusrite Focus EQ
Drawmer DL25 Spectral Compressor
SPL Transient Designer
Empirical Labs Distressor x 2
Amek 9098 compressor/limiter
Universal Audio 1176
TLA C-1 Dual Valve Compressor
SSl Master Bus Compressor
t.c electronic M5000
Ensoniq DP4+
Neve 1272 Dual Channel Mic Preamp
Urei 1178 Dual Peak Limiter
MOTU MIDI Timepiece

Sun Studio:


SSL G series Console


Yamaha NS-10
Genelec 1031
Genelec 7070 Sub


12 Neve Mic Pre/Eqs 1D005 (taken from a vintage Neve Melbourne broadcast console)
TLA Ivory Series Valve Pre's x4
Urei 1178 Stereo Compressor
Empirical Labs Distressor x 2
Chandler TG 1 EMI Stereo Compressor
Focusrite Red Stereo Compressor limiter
Tube-Tech LCA2B Stereo Compressor
SPL Transient Designer 4 channel
Neve 8803 EQ
Amek 9098 Mic pre/EQ
Bel BD80 Delay
BSS DPR 402 Stereo Compressor/De-esser
Ensoniq DP\4
Roland Dimension D
TC Electronics M 5000
TC Electronics M 3000
Lexicon PCM 91

Notable Artists

James Vincent McMorrow, Rihanna, The Riptide Movement, Kanye West, The Script, The Cork Opera House, The High Kings, The Gaiety Panto, Paddy Hanna (Culture Night Session) Inhaler, Pepe Felly, Farah Elle, Search Party Animal, BARQ, Mundy, The Hot Sprockets, Destriers, Hollow Point, Ilenkus, SYLK, Jared Dylan, WOLFF, Molly Sterling & many many more.


AKG C1000s x4
AKG C12 x1
AKG C214 x2
AKG C3000 x3
AKG C451 x4
AKG D12 VR x1
AKG D112 x5
AKG D40 x4
AKG SolidTube x2
Audio Technica AT2020 x4
Audio Technica AT4033 x2
Audio Technica AT4040 x2
Audix D2 w/ clip x2
Audix D4 w/ clip x1
Audix D6 x1
Audix i5 x1
Beyerdynamic M88 x1
Coles Ribbon x2
Measurement Microphone x1
Neumann KM 184 x5
Neumann KMR 81 x1
Neumann KMR 82 x1
Neumann M147 x1
Neumann M149 x1
Neumann KMS 105 x1
Neumann TLM103 x2
Neumann TLM193 x2
Neumann U87 x2
Neumann U87Ai x1
Reslo 121 x1
Royer Ribbon x1
Rode NT1A x2
Rode NT2A x2
Rode NT5 x2
Sennheiser MD409 x1
Sennheiser MD504 x1
Sennheiser MKH416 x1
Sennheiser K3U x2
Sennheiser E604 x7
Sennheiser E902 x2
Sennheiser ME62/K6 x2
Sennheiser MD421 x9
Sennheiser ME65/K6 x2
Shure Beta 52A x1
Shure Beta 57A x2
Shure Beta 56A x1
Shure Beta 58A x1
Shure SM57 x15
Shure SM58 x4
Shure SM7B x1
t.bone RB500 x4
Yamaha NS10 Cone x2  


Marshall AVT 50H Head x1
Marshall JCM 800 Head x1
Marshall MC412A 100 watt cab x1
Marshall JVM210C Combo x1
Marshall Vintage Mod 100 watt 4x12 x1
Orange CR120 Head x2
Orange PPC212-COB Cabinet x2
Orange Crush 100BXT Bass Combo x1
Marshall MB4410 Bass Combo x1
Fender Princeton 650 Combo x1
Fender Rumble 100 Bass Combo x1
Roland Jazz Chorus x1
Vox AC10 x1
Vox AC30 x1
Roland SH101 Synthesizer x1
Yamaha DX7 Keyboard x1
Roland JP8000 Synthesizer x1
Yamaha CS1 keyboard x1
Mapex Mars 5 piece Drumkit x1
Mapex Armory 6 piece Drumkit x1
Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute Drumkit x1
PDP M5 5 piece Drumkit x1
Sabian B8X Cymbals