Parallel Society

Parallel Society


Parallel Society is a project that features some of Dublin's finest young musicians. The band, led by german composer and guitarist Jan Henrik Rau has a refreshing new, energetic and exciting sound. Drawing inspiration from a variety of styles such as hip-hop, pop, grunge, classical, eastern music, ambience and modern jazz combined with powerful improvisation the music has a very personal touch and does not want to be categorised. The quintet interweaves electronic and acoustic soundscapes and there is a clear element of storytelling in each composition. Every song creates a different atmosphere with fascinating, mesmerizing and sometimes transcendental arrangements and truly original music. The music is influenced by artists such as Brian Blade & The Fellowship, Marius Neset and Flying Lotus.

The quintet emerged out of Ireland's most important educational institution for improvised music called Newpark Music Centre. It was Jan Henrik's desire to bring his compositions on stage that led to the bands formation in 2017. The group recorded their Debut EP “RAW” in May 2017 and soon released "The Smock Alley Theatre Live Session" which quickly gained high attention on the Irish jazz and improvised music scene and fascinated listeners and critics alike.

Jan Henrik Rau – guitar, composition, effects
Yuzuha O'Halloran – bass clarinet/alto sax
Luke Howard – piano/synthesizer
Eoin O'Halloran – bass
Hugh Denman – drums

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