Our mission is to help musicians make a living from performing.

About Us

A platform for musicians, made by musicians

Applaud is Ireland’s fastest growing online booking agent for musicians with performers signing up at unprecedented rates. With the launch of our new website very soon we will equip musicians with:

  • Bookings management system to keep track of all their enquiries, quotes & confirmed bookings.

  • Payments solution to provide fast and secure payments that will be sent to the musician right after the booking is completed.

  • Customisable profiles to allow the musicians maximum flexibility in what they showcase to clients.

The platform is entirely free to musicians, with clients instead simply paying a minimal booking fee on top of your quote. This allows us to maintain the website and build new features to streamline the booking process.

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We will add you to our launch invitation email. Feel free to get in touch at info@applaudevents.com